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Quack of Dawn was created for every hobby farm dreamer to follow our journey in creating our own hobby farm in hopes of inspiring other that they can do the same.

My name is Kali, and my boyfriends name is Dave. He will be posting on here time to time to pick up for my slack... I'm new to blogging.

We live on the Eastern Shore in NS, starting out on a small piece of property in Musquodoboit Harbour, and will be hopefully moving to a larger piece of land we own up the road in Beech Hill. I was brought up with horses, and Dave had a hobby farm previously. We're going to start of with chickens, duck, geese, and hopefully get set up here with a few goats, and a pig if Dave lets me.

On top of growing in the animal department, Dave is also going to be doing a vegetable garden. I don't have a green thumb when it comes to that stuff, so that's his project.

I also have a forum set up in the links above, we very much hope that if you have any tips, tricks, comments, or question you post them there! Everyone has a different way of doing things, the more info the better, even for others who are looking to start their own hobby farm as well.