• Kali Guenther

Here We Go

Alright, first blog post. Never mind that I created this website 2 weeks ago and did nothing with it. I'm not much of a technology person, so created the website itself was enough for me at the time.

Anyway, moving on from that. You can read the 'About' page to figure out what we're actually doing here, but I'm going to at least tell you how far we have gotten so far.

Out the blue, I decided I wanted to get chickens right in that moment. So what did I do? I started looking and committed to getting 17 chicks, and 6 ducks (Ducks are due to hatch in may). I had no coop, no food, no feeders, no heat lamp, no nothing. Dave wasn't to thrilled. BUT, those things are easy to get. Found a coop on Kijiji, stopped at the local farm store, picked up feeders, food, heat lamp, and shavings. Continued on, picked up the coop. The same day, I picked up my first 4 chicks. Easy right, no reason for

Dave to freak out because we didn't have anything for chickens.

That weekend I continued to pick up chicks until I had a total of 17 in a random tote I had downstairs.

They spent the next 2 weeks in bathroom, I found another bunny cage and put the bigger chickens in that cage. Sad to mention that 2 of my very small bantam orpington chicks didn't end up making it through that 2 week period. That's all we'll say about that.

But let me tell you, keeping 15 chicks, in your bathroom, especially as they get older. Is very messy. I still have dust all over the bathroom from the shavings and them kicking it up. So any advice on how to keep that in check, is greatly appreciated.

Okay, so, now they're too big, some still very small. To much dust in the bathroom. To much work to clean out their water from shavings every other hour. They need to go outside. Scared chicken mama didn't want them to, but it was time. Got the feeders hung up, moved the heat lamp outside, threw shavings out there, and out they went.


And that, is where they are currently at to this day. I've gotten the chicken wire set up out there, they slowly started to come out one by one. Some still to scared, some don't know how to get back in, and some can't get enough of being outside. They're all growing at their own pace, but it is very fun to watch them learn to play and chase each other and experience their new surroundings.

Now to wait till they start to lay! Will probably be a while still, but I think that's the next step.

I think that's enough for today, its a big catching up post. BUT I still do have more to say about what we're are doing, and I will share what we're getting next in a couple days.

Can't share it all in one go.

Here's some chicken butts in the meantime!

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