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More things are happening

So... leaving you in suspense in the last post. I know you want to know what is coming next.

Well, I'm here to tell you.

We have since gotten a new shed, therefore the old shed that could be better shape, is being torn down. The bones are good, the exterior, not so much.

There is a point to all of this, that isn't necessarily the new thing that is happening, I'm trying to do a build up here.

Anyway, I said that the bones are good in the old shed. What are we going to do with it? rip off all the rotten exterior, move to a new area, redo roof, and walls, but a cute new hand build Dutch door, by yours trulyyyy. Just kidding, I'm going to get Dave to build the door. I have other stuff to do. Put a nice little front deck type area in the front.

Big shout out to my friend Shazia who most generously donated this awesome window! Lots of natural lighting:)


Okay okay...


There, that's the next big step! Starting off with 2 Nigerian Dwarf bucklings and a boer

mix female.

Meet the new edition to the Farm!! Mouse (White) Bear (Black) Daisy (Brown).

I'm now also here to tell you again, I'm bad a blogging, I got the goats a couple weeks ago, and haven't shared it anywhere, even the Instagram page, because I've been waiting to do this exact post. Bad Kali.

Here's a couple more pictures.. haha

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